Support the Arts

It is not hard to support Jeslyn Performing Arts Center; not all support is in the way of monetary donations or sponsorhip. If you have the gift of gab, you can support the Center by telling others whom you know that might be interested in taking classes or watching a performance at the Center. Maybe you don't prefer to be on stage, but would like to be a part of the production; backstage might be where you shine the brightest. Notice that our marquee has not been updated in a while? We often get so busy that we don't have time to update it; if you are handy with a pole and plastic letters, we could use your help. Are you good at giving directions? Ushers are like GPS navigation for patrons. See all those ads in the playbill? Wouldn't it be cool if your company, no wait, your favorite student(s) were in there? Oh, there are so many ways to support the Center and if you think of any others that we don't currently list, feel free to let us know. We love feedback.

  • Membership: Funds are the most direct way to enable us to grow our organization. All donated funds go directly back into the center to make it a better place for the community. JPAC also accepts donations of goods that are of need to the center. With a need for everything from bathroom supplies to theatrical lighting equipment we are always in need of something! And lastly, if you have a professional skill you would like to donate we would love to find a place for you.
  • Volunteers: These people are what keep the center moving! Please see the volunteer page for further information.
  • Sponsorship: By nature, businesses have a major impact on their community. Support from a corporate sponsor can present/sponsor shows that serve thousands of people within the community. Businesses or individuals can choose to advertise in the JPAC playbill to support the arts in a way that promotes their business or supports their favorite performer(s).
  • Word of Mouth: You can always talk about the events happening at JPAC as a way to show your support. If you see something you like, or know someone who would benefit please feel free to talk all you want. (Good things we hope!) Our growth is directly related to the support of people like you.

Still not convinced that there is something you can do? Please volunteer your positive thoughts and good wishes; we will receive them and keep them in our hearts.