The education department at JPAC is diligent about teaching and learning. The faculty believes in the proper education of the arts. This takes a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the arts from our faculty. All classes have curriculum developed specifically for the subject matter, level and age of students. We take a total learning approach to teaching the arts and incorporate cross curricular lessons into our everyday classes. This approach allows us to relate the arts to students in an easy to grasp way as it correlates to things they may be learning in school and life as a whole. We are interested in the process, not the product and with this mindset we can develop the entire being of a child.not just one part.

With class offerings starting at birth and continuing into senior citizens, and techniques to study ranging from very basic to extremely advanced we feel there is no person excluded from pursuing their creativity within the arts.

Our faculty is committed to staying current in dance, theatre and musical trends within the arts community and ensures this by completing continuing education each year in different cities and with different master teachers. Founder and director holds a degree in dance and has plans to pursue her masters' degree within the upcoming years, she is also yoga alliance and physicalmind (Pilates) certified. Beyond that her mission is to create a team of instructors who have qualifications and certifications hard to come by in smaller towns. JPAC is extremely proud of its faculty's outstanding qualifications and urges you to read up on these by visiting the faculty and staff page.

Without a doubt the arts can be one of the most powerful forms of communication between people, cultures and generations. We feel it is a gift that forever keeps on giving and it is our job to facilitate you in that journey.