About Jeslyn Performing Arts Center

Jeslyn Performing Arts Center began from a dream and now serves as a hub of art activity in the tri-state area. Being an arts space that incorporates classes, workshops and both community & in house performances, we really are "Art in the Heart of Huntington".

Classes are available on a year round basis and are split into three sessions (fall, winter/spring and summer). We provide cutting edge technique training while offering traditional and non-traditional performance experiences. We offer classes in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, African, belly dance, tap, twirling, voice, acting, musical theatre, yoga, Pilates and Ballroom. All of our faculty have degrees in dance/theatre or have college level training that allows the Center to offer a very educational approach to the arts. All instructors have undergone certifications and continue their education every year. Being one of the only non-competitive schools in the area, we pride ourselves on the process instead of the product relative to others. In turn, this allows us to produce shows and give classes that fullfil a better understanding of our creative purpose.

Within our facilities we have as many as seventy hours of classes and rehearsal time. Our Center also is a place for the community to host birthday parties, wedding showers and self produced productions. The facility is rented, produces shows or has activities going on inside its doors every day of the week.

In addition, we feel it necessary to open the arts experience to all people regardless of their economic standing. JPAC has both a scholarship and work/study program that enables students to study the arts at a free or reduced rate based on their financial need. This policy allows the Center to open its doors to students who would otherwise never have the exposure or opportunity.

JPAC lives and breaths the arts, educating the public, providing an outlet for students and presenting performances. This is at the very core of the Center and its current and future goals. We are here to expand the minds, fulfill the needs and support the wants of our community.